One McCabe Street

Reshaping the gateway to North Fremantle

Presenting an exciting community and lifestyle hub for North Fremantle

One McCabe Street represents a unique opportunity to deliver a vibrant new gateway into North Fremantle. Perched overlooking pristine Leighton Beach, One McCabe Street promises a destination precinct with an inherent connection to the ocean, river and surrounding neighbourhood.

Central to our vision is an activated and people-friendly ground level, with beautifully landscaped and accessible green spaces connecting to a range of services, amenities and businesses for new residents and locals.

Drawing from the rich history and character of the area, One McCabe Street aims to offer a diverse choice of living options to meet the needs and aspirations of North Fremantle’s evolving community.

Location & Context

One McCabe Street sits in the neck of the North Fremantle peninsula, on the boundary between the City of Fremantle and the Town of Mosman Park, with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and Swan River, and vistas to the iconic Fremantle Harbour and Perth CBD skyline. Sitting on the boundary of two local government precincts, One McCabe Street has a nuanced personality between predominantly light industrial / commercial North Fremantle to the south and residential Mosman Park to the north.

A mix of old and new buildings line the streets of North Fremantle. Historically, the area has appealed to industry, drawn to the major transport connections of the Swan River, Fremantle train line, Stirling Highway and Curtin Avenue.

One McCabe Street is bordered by Stirling Highway to the west, residential properties and green space to the north, new housing and light industry to the east and a mix of housing, industry and main street businesses to the south.

Abutting Stirling Highway, and within a 10-minute walk of North Fremantle train station, One McCabe Street has impressive direct access to Fremantle, Claremont, Perth CBD and, in the near future, Perth Airport.

While a range of schools, health and daily services, shops, cafes, restaurants and open spaces are within easy reach by car, we have identified a lack of some types of businesses, services and spaces within walking distance for North Fremantle residents. We aim to explore community aspirations when planning and designing our development to meet local and visitor needs as effectively as possible.

An experienced and award winning design team comprising of

We have drawn inspiration and from the site characteristics, local context and surrounds:




High Points


Reeds & Sedges

Landscape & Geology


Cultural Heritage


Graphic Icons



Place Creation

Focal Point
Relaxation Areas
Events Space

We have undertaken a thorough site analysis for the precinct design to reimagine what opportunities One McCabe can offer. This process was based on the precinct design best practices and draws on the multi layered approach in line with State Planning Policy 7.2.

Threshold to Fremantle


Green Corridors


Density & Height


Civic Heart


We want One McCabe to be a natural part of the North Fremantle DNA, and therefore at the heart of the design are three main objectives.


Continuing the green nature reserve from Leighton Battery along Stirling Highway through to North Fremantle.

Through logical and accessible pathways, and well-designed places to gather and celebrate.

Create a green heart in the center of the site and activating it with a integrated mixed use design to create opportunities for communities to come together.

We recognise how new buildings at One McCabe will shape the amenity of the area. We have therefore vigorously explored a series of massing studies which has been designed to be responsive to the surroundings.

We have reallocated mass and density from sensitive areas, made built form slender to maintain existing view corridors from adjacent sites, and capped height limits to provide solar access.

Subsequently, this resulted in an opportunity to open up the ground floor and allow a large open green activated heart, which provides high quality amenities for the surrounding residents.

A robust design and planning process

We are embarking on a thorough design thinking process, taking into consideration our site’s context, character, access, connectivity and built form options. At this stage, we have been, and will continue to, engage with key stakeholders and the community to inform our thinking and test our early analysis of what’s missing or what might be needed in the area with the local
community and stakeholders.

To date, we have completed the following:

  • Community Needs Analysis
  • Online Survey
  • Conversations with key stakeholders
  • Distributed flyers to adjacent residents and local businesses
  • Community drop in session on 9th of March 2022
  • Conversations with Local Business Owners

We will now be analysing the information we have collected to prepare a Precinct Structure Plan and a Development Application, which are to be submitted to the City of Fremantle for consideration in 2022.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions for more information on the steps and government agencies involved.

Public Realm and Landscape

The public realm and landscape will be the cornerstone of the development. Below are inspirational images that we are exploring.

A Sunset Square – Beach Side Plaza

Landmark F&B
Elevated views to ocean
Alfresco Dining
Interactive public art
Spaces to sunset gaze

A Green Heart – Central Green Space

Seating Edges
Shaded turf areas
Family picnic spaces
Flexible spaces for community events
Park programming & kiosks
Nature play

Green Streets – Internal Streets Connecting Destinations

Activated edges
Protected bike paths
Shaded streets
Comfortable walking environments
Large trees
Garden beds and soft ground covers

Community Benefit

We have conducted a preliminary Needs Analysis to understand how the local community, workers, visitors, and tourists can benefit from this redevelopment. Based on recommended social infrastructure and services identified through the strategic planning documents, the projected population, trends, the community profiles of North Fremantle and Mosman Park, and a scan of existing facilities in the catchment area, we have determined a range of publicly accessible facilities that may be suitable for One McCabe.

Below are a few that have been presented in the engagement sessions and is being further explored with relevant stakeholders.

Community hall
Art studios & maker spaces
Meeting Rooms
Youth centre
Sports hall
Business incubator hub

Connection and movement

Existing network performance

We understand the community concerns over the existing network conditions within McCabe Street and its intersection with Stirling Highway.

As a result, consultants have been engaged to guide the transport-related elements of the project and identify strategies that can improve the surrounding network performance.

 Our Strategies

  • Work with Main Roads to upgrade Stirling-McCabe vehicle intersection
  • Work with City of Fremantle and other agencies to promote sustainable transport Infrastructure
  • Improve McCabe Street and McCabe Place intersection to improve road safety and access
  • Promote pedestrian and cycling linkages through One McCabe
  • Provide End of Trip Facilities within One McCabe
  • Create safer connections for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Stirling Highway

Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on our proposal by completing the online survey or attending the community drop-in session on Wednesday, 9 March 2022.

This stage of community engagement is now complete, and we will be using the insights we received to refine our plans in preparation for a Precinct Structure Plan in due course.

Please note that following the lodgement of our Precinct Structure Plan, the Town of Fremantle will conduct a separate round of community consultation.

Below are the posters that have been presented during the engagement process.

Community Engagement To Date

✓ Online survey
✓ Conversations with key stakeholders
✓ Distributed flyers to adjacent residents and local businesses
✓ Community drop-in session
✓ Conversations with business owners

Upcoming Engagement

– Future engagement as part of planning approval processes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being proposed at One McCabe Street?

Our vision is to develop a high quality, mixed-use commercial and residential development which addresses the specific needs and priorities of the surrounding community and market. The development is currently in the concept planning phase, and as such density and other details are still to be determined based on earthworks, traffic analysis and planning context.

Who are the owners of the site and who will ultimately deliver this project?

Exal Group is a property developer based in Western Australia, with 25 years of combined experience in real estate, property investment, engineering, and project management. To support Exal Group, the consultant team for this project comprises:

  • DKO Architecture (architects)
  • element (planning, place, community benefits and engagement)
  • ASPECT Studios (landscape and public realm)
  • Cardno (traffic consultants)

Where is the current proposal at in relation to the broader planning process?

Exal is engaging with key stakeholders and community ahead of finalising a Precinct Structure Plan and Development Application, to be submitted to the City of Fremantle for consideration in 2022.

A Community Needs Analysis has been prepared to inform decision making and the proposal’s design. Exal will engage with the community and key stakeholders to test early analysis on what’s missing or what might be needed in the local area for existing and future residents, workers and visitors.

What are the steps involved in the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) process?

  • Engage with community and key stakeholders*
  • Prepare and lodge PSP in manner and form consistent with SPP7.2 (Precinct Design) and City of Fremantle (City) requirements
  • City to undertake preliminary assessment of PSP
  • City advertises PSP for 42 days, including statutory referrals*
  • City to consider consultation outcomes and finalise the assessment
  • Council to recommend approval, approval with amendments or refusal of the PSP
  • Referral of outcome to the WA Planning Commission (WAPC)
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) to assess PSP and report to WAPC
  • WAPC to approve, approve with amendments or refuse the PSP
  • City to adopt PSP and publish on their website

*Opportunity to have your say

What are the steps involved in the Development Application (DA) process?

  • Once the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is advertised and progressed to a stage where the City is comfortable to use in decision making, DA can be lodged for consideration.
  • Developments with a value of more than $2 million can be determined by the Metro Inner South Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).
  • Following lodgement of a DA, the City will undertake an initial assessment against the planning framework including the PSP and commence advertising and referrals*
  • Following conclusion of the advertising periods, the City will finalise their assessment and prepare a Responsible Authority Report for the JDAP’s consideration.
  • JDAP to consider the DA and either approve or refuse the application.

*Opportunity to have your say

Is the current planning framework still relevant?

The subject site is zoned ‘Development’ under the City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme No.4 (LPS 4). The purpose of a ‘Development’ zone is to require further detailed planning investigation to occur, typically through the use of a Structure Plan.

In 2009 a Structure Plan was prepared and adopted over the subject site. This document established a broad redevelopment vision and prescribed various residential building heights ranging between 9.75 metres to 25 metres. This Structure Plan was never acted upon, and the site has remained without redevelopment occurring.

Whilst the Structure Plan remains a valid planning instrument to guide redevelopment, there have been various State planning framework changes since the approval of the Structure Plan, which has required a revaluation of the site, its surrounds and the contribution the site can offer to North Fremantle.

This has been further driven by the many changes to State planning frameworks which have prescribed a larger emphasise on good design and optimising development along urban corridors such as Stirling Highway. State planning frameworks such as Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million (2018), State Planning Policy 7.0 – Design of the Built Environment (2019), State Planning Policy 7.2 – Precinct Design (2021) and State Planning Policy 7.3, Residential Design Codes – Vol.2 Apartments (2019), have all influenced the revaluation of the site. To algin the redevelopment with these contemporary documents, a new Precinct Structure Plan is being developed to guide the future redevelopment of the site.

Are the owners looking at uses that will benefit the broader community?

A Community Needs Analysis commenced in late 2020. This analysis has so far identified several opportunities for social infrastructure and services that may be appropriate at the site based on strategic priorities of the City of Fremantle and Town of Mosman Park, benchmarking of similar precincts across Perth and emerging trends in redeveloping industrial precincts into mixed-use neighbourhoods. The suitability of these options will be further investigated through community and stakeholder engagement, with the aim of delivering a precinct with a mix of amenities that appeal to the local community, workers and visitors.

Who has been consulted so far about the proposal?

We have met with officers at the City of Fremantle and Town of Mosman Park to explore our initial investigations and findings. We have presented our initial design thinking to the City’s Design Advisory Committee for feedback, which we are integrating into our early concept designs.

How will the community and stakeholders be involved, and will they get an opportunity to have their say on development plans?

We believe encouraging local community input early in the planning phase is critical to ensure the mix of public spaces, amenities, services, living options and commercial offering matches the needs and priorities of residents as well as the wider community, businesses and visitors.

Conversations will inform detailed design of the project. A range of engagement opportunities will be presented for the community and key stakeholders to talk to the project team, as the project moves through its various planning and design phases.

Members of the community will be invited to take part in an online survey, which will remain open for four weeks, closing on Friday 18th March. We will also be hosting a community drop-in, and local businesses and groups session, which will likely be held on Wednesday 9 March 2022.

Opportunities will be explored with the local community to create appealing amenities for residents and visitors that complement the surrounding area and encourage healthy, active lifestyles. Options for commercial uses and the preferred design, composition and management of potential community spaces will be explored.

How can I keep involved in the project as it moves forward?

If you would like to receive project updates, please provide your email address in the subscribe box at the bottom of this page.

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